An American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden

Pleasant Garden Daylilies

Bolton, Massachusetts


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Pleasant Garden Daylilies

111 Coventry Wood Road

Bolton, MA 01740

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Phone: 978 779-5035


“H. Barbara Bush” recently registered by Sallyann.


About Us


The choice of Pleasant Garden Daylilies as a name was influenced by its location near one of the Shaker villages in the area. It is a reminder to relax and enjoy the simpler things in life.

Pleasant Garden Daylilies has been owned and operated by Sallyann King for over 20 years. The garden is an  official American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden. There are over 400 different varieties on display.

Sallyann started her garden as a cure for the onset of “empty nest syndrome” when her oldest went off to college. Many of her first acquisitions are still happy in the original “Fence” garden.  The plants are doing fine, the fence is on it’s third incarnation.

There’s a saying among daylily enthusiasts that following the purchase of those first cultivars, “ the rest is history”.


The selling garden is open during the bloom season (July and August).  See contact page for more information.

We will be offering plants for sale on the web. Watch for future announcements.