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Pleasant Garden Daylilies

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Planting Daylilies


Daylilies like at least six hours of sunlight. Darker colors will hold better with a little afternoon shade during the blooming season.



Space daylilies approximately 18 to 24 inches apart to allow for future growth. Daylily roots can be left in a “clump” to spread, or two to four fans may be spread apart slightly to encourage them to fill in an area.



Unless the plants have been freshly dug, soak them in 1 inch of water while you prepare their new home. Dig a hole approximately 15 inches across and 12 to 15 inches deep. Set the topsoil aside for backfilling. Fill the hole to within 3 inches of ground level with good aged manure, garden compost, and topsoil. Add a little lime if you know your soil is acidic.  Mix well.



We recommend the “castle and moat” method for planting daylilies. Make a mound of the soil with the top of the mound one inch from ground level. Spread the roots of the daylily down over the mound and into the “moat." Cover the roots with the remaining topsoil mix, bringing the dirt to ground level. Do not cover the “crown” of the plant with soil. Step down gently on the area around the roots to seat the plant, and to leave about a one inch deep ring around the plant to help with water retention.


Initial care:

Water the daylily liberally to seal the roots and soil. Keep watered  regularly.


Normal care:

Daylilies like to eat too. We recommend a side or top dressing of compost in the Spring and Fall. Daylilies are quite drought tolerant, but do appreciate water.



Daylilies enter a resting period following their blooming time and then send up new growth before going dormant for the winter.  Some daylilies will not go fully dormant.